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Hooker Valley Track, New Zealand

Hooker Valley Track, New Zealand

On Fridays we plan to post our favorite articles found online...some related to travel and some are just items we find interesting (and hope you will too). This reoccurring post will help consolidate all the helpful and inspiring content we find on the web, for you!

1. Use your vacation days. -- If you're unsure or nervous about using your vacation, give this a read! Below is a quick excerpt. 

Professional runners take long breaks between marathons. They make no excuses for this, and no one judges them for it, because everyone knows that rest and recuperation is an essential part of being a pro athlete. The same is true for entrepreneurs (and everyone, really). Preventing burnout is part of your job. Staying well rested is part of your job. Sleep and exercise help, but occasional extended breaks are essential too, and their benefits on creativity, productivity, and happiness are well documented.

2. 15 Tips for Surviving a Long Airplane Flight. The Cup of Jo is one of my favorite blogs. Here, she lists her top tips for those long flights we sometimes dread. My favorite tips from her list: 1) Drink Water and 2) Wear Layers. P.S. I'm so disgusted about what has been found in the water on airplanes! Yuck. 

3. How to Travel Like a Pro. The best travel apps explained. Google trips is awesome!

4. Top Travel Instagram Accounts. Warning: Will give you wanderlust...

5. How to Deal with Jet Lag. We always plan a very full first day to keep ourselves active and avoid napping. 

6. How To Email. I recently noticed I've sent over 20,000 emails in 2 years on my work account. I'm constantly searching for the most efficient ways to sort and respond to email. 

7. Best coast: How Croatia's Dubrovnik rules the rivieras. Croatia is high on my list of places to go in 2017!