1 Hotel South Beach

We spent three days in South Beach and only left the hotel twice1 Hotel offers a luxurious hotel experience with an emphasis on sustainable living. There are currently three locations: New York Central Park, New York Brooklyn, and South Beach. 

1 Hotels are thoughtfully designed, from building to materials to room furnishings and live green moments. Each detail intended to bring the outdoors inside, creating a unique, natural environment.
— https://www.1hotels.com/our-story


Even in the crowded Miami/South Beach environment, this hotel feels like an oasis. The hotel has four pools and over 70,000 feet of deck space. We visited over a holiday weekend during peak season and never had a difficult time finding a place to lay out. There's not much worse than having to wake up early on vacation to save a seat on the deck! One of the most impressive parts of this hotel was the gym. It's called a "Spartan Gym" and has over 14,000 square feet with any piece of equipment you could need. And, there's a SoulCycle in the building! The hotel has five restaurants all with an emphasis on fresh, local food. We stayed in a two-bedroom suite but the hotel has several different room configurations. One of my favorite small perks were the full size toiletries in each bathroom!


In full disclosure, while this hotel was amazing, it's more than we would typically choose to spend on a hotel. This hotel stay was made possible through a generous invitation from a family member! We used our beloved Southwest Companion Pass to travel to Florida. 

Emily KenneyComment