Rosemary Beach

Are you looking for beach vacation destination this spring or summer? I have a great recommendation for you - Rosemary Beach! We visited the Florida gulf -- a section called "30A"-- and fell in love with the area! It is one of the most beautiful beach towns I've ever been to. The white sand and crystal clear waters rival any spot in the Caribbean. 


30A stretches 18 miles and includes 12 distinct beach communities. Each beach town has a different vibe but they are close enough you can bike from one to the next and enjoy what each town has to offer. In my view a huge benefit of 30A is the accessibility to the airport. Rosemary Beach was only a 30 minute drive from the Panama City airport which has great Southwest connections.

The Details

  • The vast majority of accommodations are rental houses. The houses vary from 8+ bedrooms to small studio carriage houses. Visit or to find a rental. There's also one hotel in town -The Pearl. The hotel is nice, close to the water, and had a great bar. Every house is gorgeous! 
  • You do not need a car. You can easily get by with walking or biking everywhere within Rosemary and the surrounding towns. Uber and Lyft are available but not nearly as widespread as in major cities.
  • Beach Chairs & Umbrellas You have to reserve a spot on the beach. This was a new concept to me. It's $55 a day for two chairs and an umbrella. The nice part about this is that they set up the chairs for you every day. Make reservations far in advance (6+ months) if you are there during peak season. Before going I questioned whether or not it was really necessary to pay someone to reserve your beach spot, but after going there, I would say it is. One downside to 30A is it gets crowded.  We saw very few people bringing their own chairs and umbrellas to the beach. It is REALLY nice to have someone set up your spot on the beach each day. :)
  • Restaurants One of my favorite parts of the Rosemary experience was the number of quality restaurants in the town! A few of our favorites included Cowgirl Kitchen, Edwards, Havana Bar (get the 30A Lemonade!), La Crema, Wild Olives. During peak season, I recommend making reservations for dinner. Another great spot that is only accessible via the beach is Crabby Steve's. It's a classic beach bar that's perfect for lunch or afternoon drinks.

Things To Do

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