The Best Places to Travel in 2017

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Have you noticed the abundance of articles on the web about the hottest places to travel in 2017? I love getting travel ideas and inspiration for future trips. 

I was thrilled to see Cape Town made Travel and Leisure's list and a little surprised to see my hometown, Indianapolis, also on the list! We wrote about our trip to Cape Town here.

Vogue's 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017  intrigued me by recommending Oman. It meets my criteria of "hard to get to" and "off the beaten path".

Lonely Planet's Top Regions to visit include both New Zealand and Australia. Not surprising! 

Cairo made Forbes' best budget destinations of 2017! I studied in Egypt during college and would love to return some day. However, I'm not entirely convinced it's safe to do so yet!

My favorite article is the WSJ's 10 buzzy, unpredictable travel destinations

Where are we going in 2017? I made the following list of travel "goals" in order to stay focused instead of booking last minute trips when I find a great deal.

  1. Make the most of our final year of the Southwest Companion Pass. If you only learn one thing from this blog, you need to know this: The Companion Pass is the best travel reward EVER! Read our post about how to get the pass here. Did you know that Southwest flies to several Caribbean destinations? We are escaping the snow for Aruba in 2 weeks!
  2. Take two international trips. I'm excluding the Caribbean from this category (hi, Southwest Companion Pass!). Croatia is high on my list thanks to this blog!
  3. Take a family vacation. This year my family is headed to Rosemary Beach, Florida. I've been dying to visit this quaint beachside community on the Gulf of Mexico for years.
  4. Annual trips to Washington D.C. and New York City.
  5. Spend next Christmas in Hawaii. 

Where do you want to go? We'd love to hear your plans for 2017!