Best Restaurants in Queenstown


Without question, the best food we had in New Zealand was in Queenstown. From elegant restaurants to down-to-earth vendors, Queenstown is home to some of the BEST food we have ever tried. After posting a travel guide on Queenstown (here) we figured now would be the perfect time to share our favorite restaurants in this bustling harbor town. But before we get started with our favorite places, here are a few tips about dining that can be applied for all of New Zealand: 1) Make reservations in advance - especially for dinner; 2) Entrees were a decent portion, so it is possible to split meals if you are on a budget; and 3) Trip Advisor is your best friend for discovering where to eat.


Ferberger was mentioned on just about every website I used for planning our trip. When I discovered the restaurant had over 8,000 reviews on Trip Advisor, I knew it would be our first stop in Queenstown! Fergberger is always busy. Each time we walked past the restaurant, there was a line down the block. However, they have a solid process for getting people in and out quickly. Ben here, chiming in... I'm a strong critic when it comes to burgers, and Fergberger crafts THE BEST burger...ever!  Seriously, I'm craving one right now. I went with the Big Al which is a "double serving of prime NZ beef, lashings of bacon, a whole lotta cheese, 2 eggs, beetroot, tomato, red onion, relish, and a big wad of aioli". If it were up to me, we would have eaten here for breakfast, lunch and dinner, during our entire trip. 

Eichardt's Bar

This stop wins the award for Best Atmosphere. Located directly on the harbor, Eichardt's has some of the best views out of the restaurants in town. The bar specializes in tapas, which is my favorite style of dining. This means small bites allowing you to try several different items. My favorite item off the menu: Smoked beef brisket in a chocolate, chill, and cinnamon glaze. Even if you're not in the mood for sitting down for dinner, this would still be a great place to stop in for drinks and apps. 

The Cow

Originally utilized as Queenstown's only cow milking shed in the 1860s, The Cow is now a cozy, small restaurant with some of the best pizza and garlic bread! This places oozes with character and is one of the reasonably priced options for dinner in Queenstown. We easily shared a single pizza and a garlic loaf and still had leftovers. Our friends, the Millers, encouraged us to check this place out - you should too! 

Ivy & Lola's

Located right off of Lake Wakatipu, you can enjoy the view of the lake and the Remarkables while you eat! This is farm-to-table style restaurant with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Be sure to make reservations in advance and request an outdoor table. I had the vegetarian, Thai-style curry which was packed full of flavor. Ben ordered the pork belly with a potato puree and pulled pork shoulder. 

Taco Medic

Tucked away in an alley, this little taco place will take you by surprise! You place your order at the window and can enjoy your food on picnic tables in the alley. It is a great spot for a casual lunch with the friendliest employees. Everything is freshly made and incredibly delicious - you can't go wrong with any item on the menu!

Cookie Bar

So, we walked past the Cookie Bar several times and could not pass up trying some of the fresh chocolate chip cookies. In case you happen to not smell the cookies from down the street, perhaps you'll hear the blasting techno music. This place is full of energy and fun little details. My favorite part? The milk keg! Oh, and the smell of freshly baked cookies...

The Remarkable Sweet Shop

Need a souvenir for someone? Stop in this candy store to select any type of candy you can imagine. The Remarkable Sweet Shop is an impressive sight to see - every inch is covered in an assortment of candy from all over the world - even Willy Wonka would be impressed! Fortunately for me, they had an entire wall dedicated towards sour candies, which are my favorite!