The Best Tour in NYC

Following up to the post about our recent trip to New York City, we are sharing our favorite part of the weekend getaway - food tours! I read about the Foods of New York Tours on one of my favorite blogs. By the way, blogs are where I get the best travel recommendations. Anyways, I read a few posts about these tours and it sounded like something we would really enjoy. We rarely take guided tours, but this seemed different and involved food. It was honestly one of the best "sightseeing" experience I've EVER had. I highly, highly recommend checking this out on your next trip to New York City. Our tour was led by the lovely and witty, Robin. The food itself was great, but she made it an incredible experience. When you book your tour, be sure to ask for Robin!

Joe's Pizza

We started the tour off at Joe's Pizza to have a slice of its New York-style, thin crust pizza. One of the key ingredients to making New York pizza the best, is the tap water. That's right - tap water! Over half of the water for New York City is supplied from the Catskill Mountains, which then obviously goes through a filtration system. This is what makes the dough harden to perfection - that and the folks at Joe's really know how to cook a pizza!

Come ready to learn, because our minds were blown about how olive oil is made. O & CO Olive Oil Shop specialize in, you guessed it, olive oil. And boy does it taste good! Apparently, all that olive oil we've been buying for years that says, "100% Italian Olive Oil" or "100% Natural" has been a farce! A few things to look out for: true olive oil will not be dark yellow, it should be stored in a tin or dark bottle, and should last a few months - maybe a year - once it has been opened. We'll be buying our olive oil from here on out. 

Faicco's Italian Specialties

After nibbling on a creamy Rice Ball stuffed with pork and cheese, we were able to take a peak inside the bustling and energetic Italian shop. The owner's whole family, even a 7-year old boy, helps makes this shop a NYC staple. 

Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Holy meatballs, this was an incredible visit! Each person was serve a singled meatball, but it was a massive one! The ingredients are all locally sourced and can typically found individually at adjacent shops around the neighborhood. 

Rafele Ristorante

Owned and operated by Chef Raffaele Ronica, Rafele Ristorante delivers superb, gourmet Italian cuisine that is bound to satisfy any palette. We were served a Classic Egglplant Rollatini and were seated in the middle of their kitchen. The restaurant is a bit on the small size, but attracts large crowds. And for good reason - the food was incredible!

Milk & Cookies

Quite possibly my favorite stop was Milk and Cookies! If you know me, I have a sweet tooth and crave cookies, such as the ones we received. Some may say, "Oh a cookie is a cookie," but they haven't tried these delicious game changers - they are truly next level stuff! Seriously, these cookies are so good, that Santa decided to even make a visit! As a side note, there was zero wait time in getting our food once we arrived. The moment we arrived, Robin was in and out with our food within seconds. Thankfully, the Chocolate Chip cookies were fresh out of the oven - a nice pick-me-up since it was so cold outside!

Murray's Cheese Shop

The moment you step into Murray's, you'll immediately realize you're in Cheese Heaven. They must have 100's of different types of cheese. We didn't have time to try them all, but their friendly staff will offer you a taste of any cheese you want. Our tour offered variations of Goat, Sheep, and Cow cheese. Additionally, this is where the tour starts, so you'll have plenty of time to shop around. 

Rocco's Pasticceria

Sadly, our tour had to come to a close. But it stopped on a very high note at Rocco's. Here we all tried a Fresh Filled Cannoli, which was just as tasty, authentic, and filling as you could image. The only down side to this stop was that we could only have one. 

We've said it once, and we'll say it again - this was by far the best tour we have ever taken! There are food tours all over the country in major cities, and we would recommend you book the tour early in your trip. 

Have you done a food tour in NYC or somewhere else? If so, let us know - we'd love to hear how it went!

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