How to See Sydney in 72 Hours - Part 2

Day 2


We started off the day with a ride to Bondi Beach, the most popular beach in Sydney. We had our options on how to get to Bondi: bus, taxi, Uber/Lyft... we decided to use the bus system to get a more authentic experience. Thanks to Google Maps, the bus ride was rather simple and straight forward. About 45 minutes into the ride from Sydney, we finally arrived to Bondi!  Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy and windy, which made the beach rather empty (it was also a Monday). We didn't get in the water but enjoyed exploring the shops around Bondi, as well as walking on the beach. 

One of the most beautiful public pools in the world is the Bondi Icebergs Pool. It is an Olympic-size pool and uses water from the sea! The pool is open to the public for a small fee. 

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Next, we walked along the coastline to Coogee which is about 6 kilometers. This was probably the activity I was most looking forward to in Sydney and it did not disappoint. It's an easy walk and took us about two hours to complete. There are many beaches and parks to stop at along the way.  The views are beautiful in every direction. I think this would be especially fun in the summer when the water is warm enough to enjoy!

Once we arrived in Coogee, we were just a bit hungry and found the cutest restaurant, Coogee Pavilion, to share a pizza. 

Pylon Lookout

Following lunch, we took a bus back to Circular Quay and walked to Pylon Lookout. A really popular activity in Sydney is the Harbour Bridge Climb. We decided not to do it because it's expensive and I'm scared of heights. Instead, we chose to climb the Pylon Lookout. It was $13 each, 200 stairs, and provided incredible views of Sydney! No regrets about opting out of doing the bridge climb...

Rocks district

After visiting Pylon Lookout, we stumbled upon the Rocks District. This was my favorite neighborhood in Sydney! There were so many cute, little shops and restaurants, and it's within walking distance the CBD which is the main transportation hub. On the weekends, they have a market, which would have been great for souvenir shopping. If you are looking for hotel accommodations, I'd look in this area.

Opera House

We walked to the Opera House with the intention of taking a guided tour. However, once we arrived we decided to just walk around the exterior and take a few photos. Museums and guided tours just aren't our thing. I think sometimes when you travel you feel like you "have" to do certain activities and it's freeing to let yourself just enjoy the moment and do what you want. After all, it's vacation, right?! Needless to say, we enjoyed walking around the outside of the Opera House and taking in the sights. Before our trip, I did research to see if there any performances during our dates that we would enjoy. I didn't see anything but would recommend you check before you travel! I think that would be an exciting way to see the inside, rather than taking a tour. :) 

We concluded the day by walking back to Darling Harbour for dinner. We covered a lot of ground on Day Two in Sydney - nearly 24,000 steps (12 miles)!  Up next, will be the final hours of our short adventure in Sydney!


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