Intro to The Kenney Way


I love to travel.

In large part, I have my parents to thank for instilling in me a desire to see the world. I lived all over the country as a child (and even a short time in Europe) and was fortunate enough to travel internationally while growing up. Some of my favorite travel memories include: snorkeling in the Red Sea; skiing in Germany; visiting Paris with my family as a teenager; studying in the Middle East in college; going on a safari in South Africa, and so many more. Fortunately, Ben has been pretty easy to convince that traveling is the best hobby ever! 

When Ben and I tell people about our trips, we are often met with curiosity and intrigue. We both have full time careers. We have a modest travel budget. We are in our late 20s (me) and early 30s (Ben!). We are just your average couple living in Indianapolis. Yet, we have managed to experience 49 states (we're coming for you, Alaska), 30 countries, 6 continents, and no plans of slowing down!

We decided that we didn’t want to wait until retirement or when we had a bigger budget to see the world. What if that day or opportunity never comes? If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we are not promised tomorrow.

The Kenney Way will chronicle the places we go, the people we meet and how we get there. I hope our experiences encourage you to make the most of the life you've been given and to TRAVEL!