Long Weekends: Mexico Edition

As we have shared in previous posts, we love to travel on long weekends. Rather than take days of vacation time from our jobs, we'll catch a flight on a Friday and spend an extended weekend at our destination.

In the summer of 2016, we took a getaway trip to Cancun, Mexico and stayed at the luxurious Ritz Carlton! We spent three days laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying Mexican food/drinks!  Flying to Cancun was one of the first trips we took once we got the Southwest Companion Pass - mainly because it did not require that many points (16,000+).

Ritz Carlton

Did you know the only Ritz Carlton property in Mexico is located in Cancun? It is! Before traveling to Cancun, I initially thought the city was a party scene for Spring Breakers. While I cannot speak for all of Cancun, our time around the Ritz proved otherwise. The Ritz and surrounding areas were very nice, quiet, and full of mature adults - zero Spring Breakers! :)

We loved the Ritz so much, that we hardly spent time anywhere else. With amazing pools, hot tubs, bars, restaurants, a private beach, and an incredible staff - it was hard to see why we would leave. Additionally, every room at the property has a stunning ocean view. 

The resort has three beautiful pools (at the perfect temperature) with plenty of lounge chairs and a large private beach. The service at the pools and ocean was exceptional. As soon as the employees saw you walking to a chair, they immediately covered the chairs with towels, put up the umbrella and offered us menus. They periodically came by with sunscreen, aloe vera, popsicles, and cold hand towels to cool us off. It truly was the best service! 

The Ritz has eight dining options, which all offer a wide selection of food options at varying price points. We splurged one night and ate at the Club Grill, then stuck to the D-Lounge the other nights. In the mornings, we ate at El Cafe Mexicano. Remember, all the items listed on the menus are in Mexican Pesos, not U.S. dollars!

This trip was truly a vacation in the sense that we came home very rested (and sun burned). If you find yourself without plans for a weekend, we highly encourage you to take a trip to Cancun! You'll be surprised of how easy it is to travel there, as well as how easy it is on the wallet! Thanks to the Southwest Companion Pass, Ben flew on his points (16,272) and I flew for free! While the Ritz carries a certain level of prestige, it was actually one of the least expensive of the many hotel options in Cancun! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts and where you travel on extended weekends in the comment section below (or on social media)!

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